1st Commission

So I'm sort of stretching he truth here.

While technically yes, it's a commissioned painting, it was my wife who requested it. The image here shows me working at the early stages, only the second day. The plan is to create a simple aggressive stroke repeatedly with a wide palette of colors. Once the canvas is filled, it will be glazed with varying warm and cool colors and then, repeat the process.


False light to aid viewing on screen

What should happen is that depending on the light quality coming into the room it will be hung in, the viewer will see different things, mainly different colors. Dark gray day? Deep swathes of blues with hints of purples. Bright sunny day? A color storm of energy with hints of warm currents.

One thing is for certain, this will take some time. The overall size is 150x150cm. The largest size paintings I currently do and in fact only the 2nd one of this size. Will see you in the summer!